Dhanushkodi – The deadliest place in India to visit


Dhanushkodi - The deadliest place in India to visit

If you are tired of living in daily life and seeking some thrill in life, pack your bags and set for the ghost city in India. If you are someone outside India and looking for a chance to visit India, particularly in South India then you must visit the lonely or lost city, Dhanushkodi.


Why should you visit this place ?


I will tell you some reasons. It is in Rameswaram district in Tamil Nadu. 621 km away from Chennai.


Dhanushkodi is a patch of land which connects India and Sri Lanka and provides you with scenic beauty. The land narrows down and finally meets the juncture of two – The Indian Ocean And The Bay of Bengal.


Deadliest city – Once it was a living city and had an important sea port. It had a railway station, schools, post office and habitation of people.


A severe cyclone in 1964 hit the shore and destroyed the whole city, killing thousands of people including a train full of passengers approaching Dhanushkodi station.


But now this city is not fit for habitation. It is lost and abundant. The TN government declared it as a ghost city which is unfit for rehabilitation. The lives of visitors may be at stake in the rainy season or at the time of storm. Because, there is no shelter. Even the mobile network remains out of coverage.

Ghost city

Ghost City – No one would be allowed to go there after 6 pm. No electricity, internet connection. As soon as the sun sets darkness reigns the whole area. The blue water of the Indian Ocean turns black and thorny bushes present themselves as ghostly existence. The wreckage of railway station, broken walls and the tranquillity of the shore, cricket’s call creates an eerie feeling.




The best time to visit Dhanushkodi


Between October to March is the best time to visit this place because this time the weather remains constant. You can visit this place by train upto Rameswaram then avail a private or public transport to reach there.



Ram Setu


In Hindu mythology, the Ramayana, Lord Ramchandra, with the help of his monkey troops built the stone bridge upto Lanka to rescue his wife Sita from the clutches of the wicked Ravana. Later Lord Ram destroyed the bridge to keep the request of the next king of Lanka.


Yet the evidence of the bridge is quite visible from the satellite image.The Google Earth app will help you in this.

Ram setu

Character of the beach


Dhanushkodi beach is soft, clean and pure. Bothe seas are calm here.


  • Bathing is prohibited. Yet, people are seen bathing in the Indian Ocean, leaving the water of Bay of Bengal.


  • This beach is not so crowded there is no hue and cry, din and bustle of the hawkers and shops.


  • Amazing scenery. Indian oceans meet the faded green water of Bay of Bengal. You perhaps have never seen it before.




There is more to do


  • Rameshwaram

It is known as Pamban island as well.


  1. Visit Ram mandir first, and take a bath in the holy water of its mystical wells.


  1. Then visit the Hanuman Mandir. Here you can see the stone floating on water. It connects the mythological story of Lord Ram. At a time of building Ram Setu the stones were seen floating when the word Ram was being written on them.


  • Pambam bridge

It is the second largest sea bridge of the world and India’s first. It connects Rameswaram with the mainland. The bridge is famous for wonderful architectural excellence



Bottom Line


So my friend, do not miss to enjoy Dhanushkodi and tell your dear ones your sweet and amazing experience so that they can’t avoid visiting this deadliest place in India.

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