What inspires you to travel?


What inspires you to travel?

It is a common belief that traveling gives us joy, destroys the meanness of the mind, and enriches our thinking power. It also makes us free from the humdrum and monotonous life. Dear travel nomadic, think of the opposite side of the paper you often leave unread and go to sleep. Similarly, traveling is uncovering the mystery left behind.

Enrichment of sense and heights of mind.

Yes, while trekking a Himalayan peak, I can remember that a tracker left food and drink under the snow, with a green flag dug beside. We ate and did the same for the following people. Doesn’t this heighten our minds?

Another motto of traveling must be a pleasure.

The picturesque beauty is calming to the eyes and refreshing for the mind. Hence our brain gains the power to create a new thing. This is why traveling inspires any travel freak. I can’t forget the green slopes up to the deep valley of Mussoorie. How soothing it was! It turns me to my green age. My friend, hope I made you all feel?


  • What a thrill! When someone is riding a steamboat, it reaches the top of the Ganga or submerges. My friend, I experienced the Gangasagar yatra by cruise. The seagulls, Ganges dolphin, large foreign vessels, and desolate island were a familiar scenario to me. The more I went towards the sea, the more I was thrilled.

Those who are unknown ultimately become familiar at the end.

This could not be realized without a journey. Love and respect grow towards all. Laxman Murmu, Balaram Mahato, remains effulgent in my memory. Full-time travel allows for meeting some exciting people who belong to diverse cultures with distinct backgrounds. It helps to generate a global community of people from all around the globe.

Traveling teaches me to appreciate nature

Traveling teaches me to appreciate nature and to love birds and animals. When I travel to a new place, I cannot learn to love every new object that I meet. Regardless if you are exploring the Appalachian Trail or deep-sea diving in Australia, traveling will open you up to how enchanting the physical world actually is.

Traveling is a joy for knowing about the history.

After riding an arduous journey, I feel charmed when I reach Ajanta or Kormark and start investigating. Textbooks can only inform you so much, and the most high-grade education is to endure iconic locations for yourself. Every country is harmonious in culture and tradition. You will learn amusing facts along the trail, share advice with other backpackers, and sequentially gain new opinions and experiences.


  • It is a gift of traveling that good habits grow in mind. Japanese do not talk while taking food; the Chinese consider it a lousy culture to blow the hot liquid. Somewhere it is a custom to say good morning while meeting anyone, whether they are known or not. So, the good purpose of traveling is to learn new things every day.

Become comfortable with yourself

Traveling frees you up to know your true character, how you deal with circumstances and ultimately empowers you to become satisfied with who you are. For travel nomadic or those who feel comfortable traveling solo, you know it’s a time for some soul-searching and self-reflection. When you were growing, you would say, “I’ll go to Norway to see the Land of the Midnight sun.” Well, now is the possibility to follow your dreams and travel wherever you wish.

Live like a local

When traveling, it’s common to feel the necessity to immerse yourself in a place for a while. If you aspire to stay somewhere longer, trust your intuitions, and you will discover how to blend in, so you don’t look or feel like a visitor at all.

Relish the local food

If you’re a travel freak, one of the most incredible things is experiencing local cuisines that expand your taste. With the various cuisines the world offers, food lovers have a specific reason to travel full time.

Learn a new language

Some people appreciate learning new languages because of the merit of the sound. Full-time travelers absorb new languages and become fluent due to constant use. It can even be the disparity between paying the tourist price and paying the local price. While visiting India I learned Tamil. Haha!

Explore your photography skills

Everyone has some creativity in them, and traveling can encourage you to tap into those creative skills and capture stunning images for you to glance back on and share with your buddies and family back home.

Make money while traveling

Maintaining earnings while traveling can be pretty advantageous since you will be utilizing creative talents such as photography, writing travel articles, and design. Keep an eye on job openings while exploring that are close to your heart.

Become good at budgeting

Being backpackers, your supplies are restricted, you’ll become habitual to saving every cent. Meticulous planning, when to book tickets, knowing when to travel, and how much to spend will help you handle your money significantly.

Be out of the ordinary

Living in a town and serving a 9-5 job could have its appealing points, but eventually, it can be repetitive and tiring. Being a full-time traveler indicates you’re continually moving, uncovering new things, and disputing yourself.

Overcome your fears

The most reliable way to defeat any fear is to continue and challenge yourself to succeed your dread. Full-time traveler seldom tenses up at a cliff’s edge or hesitate at the opportunity for a deep-sea dive since they’ve pushed themselves to defeat their fears.

Meet new people

Full-time travel permits the opportunity to meet some inspirational people who belong to diverse cultures with distinct backgrounds. It aids in creating a universal community of people from all around the world.

Bottom Line

As a travel nomadic, travel encourages me to be more productive; it unfastens skills I forgot I had. Away from the troubles of present-day life and with time to evaluate and reflect, my inner creativity is roused. Sometimes I feel like traveling takes me back to my teens’ creativity. Skills that were anyhow lost or buried in the turmoil of ‘growing up,’ or maybe pushed away when spending ample time memorizing facts for exams.



Traveling energies you to proceed with the flow and evokes you to wait on the world, not the opposite way around. Traveling will assist you in testing your boundaries and challenge you to become the most immeasurable version of yourself. Recall yourself as a travel freak, that you only have one life to breathe, and you have to obtain the best of it while you can. Go to all the areas on your bucket list and more, and live smoothly without any constraints.

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